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Attractions To Visit On Your Adventure Through Lynchburg Virginia

Attractions To Visit On Your Adventure Through Lynchburg Virginia

When you begin to look at the history of the state of Virginia, you will definitely run across the city of Lynchburg. You would also run across Lynchburg if you were just looking at all the great cities in VA. You’re about to discover what all there is to do in Lynchburg Virginia, and you’re not going to be disappointed. Bring the family along for the ride and prepare for an adventure at the first stop, Amazement Square.

Amazement Square is the top attraction, and it is a children’s museum and more. The reviews say there is a zipline, too. The next stop is a historical cemetery, the Old City Cemetery, tied to the Civil War. Look for a beautiful rose garden and a tree swing. It’s always fun to visit the most significant historical landmarks and attractions as you travel to different cities. What do you think the #3 attraction is going to be like?

The third top ranked attraction is a choice between two room escape games, One Way Out and Locked Up Lynchburg. On to number four, and it’s time to see the besrifuk natural landscape that Virginia has to offer. The Riverwalk Trail is on Jefferson Street in downtown Lynchburg, and reviews point to bike riding and beautiful scenery. You can enjoy the James River and take in the view.

The next two attractions are the Point of Honor and the Lynchburg Museum. One of the best places to take younger kids would be the Bounce About on Candler’s Mountain Road. Then there is the Maier Museum of Art, which is on Quinlan Street and is referred to as a hidden gem. One reason for this is because it is on a college campus, specifically Randolph College.

How does visiting the Pest House Medical Museum sound to you? Does it seem like a strange adventure? This attraction is actually an old house that served as a Civil War hospital. Then you have the Anne Spencer House on Pierce Street, where you will be able to get a lesson about the Harlem Renaissance and some great poetry.

Court House Hill, The Nature Zone and Jones Memorial Library are three other top Lynchburg Virginia attractions that you might want to explore. You’ve been given insight into some of what’s out there, but just wait until you’re actually doing all of this stuff in person on your trip to Lynchburg, Virginia.