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Hangzhou fu sheng precision plastic co., LTD

Company USES their own research and development, design, production of vacuum forming machinery, adopt domestic most advanced thick blister production technology specializing in the production of special blister, 1.0 8.0 mm thick thick slices blister: ABS ASA PC PETG HDPE PS materials such as PVC PMMA cover. (blister materials have a variety of specifications, thickness, color, smooth surface and the choice of dermatoglyph) products are widely used in automobiles, machinery, medical equipment, building, household appliances, tourism, catering, printing, furniture, toys, advertising, lighting and other industries. Blister main products include: mechanical equipment shell, shell products; Refrigerator inner, cars and furniture accessories, medical bed board, massage chair, disabled chair, dental chair, beach drag basin, the elevator decoration; Stage light shell, rear projection TV shell, vacuum cleaner shell, sport equipment shell, solar panel installation, chimney, dim tracheal installation plate; Bearing such as auto parts, LCD glass tray, pet cage, chassis, display series, medical case, car shell products such as large plastic tray, bearing the tray, etc. This process has low mould cost (only one of the 20 points of injection mold) production period is short, mould development time is short (generally as long as 3-5 days), greatly reduces the product cost and development cycle. 

  • Management philosophy
    Management philosophy
    Based on quality management, adhere to the "people-oriented" management philosophy.
  • Management idea
    Management idea
    Green environmental protection, keeping pace with the times, innovation and change, cooperation and win-win "is the business philosophy of Fu Sheng;" quality first, customer satisfaction ".
  • Enterprise spirit
    Enterprise spirit
    Relying on the power of science and technology for the most fundamental to continuously improve customer service, better serve you