Making medical equipment shell on the analysis of private capital investment create favorable heart


With low-end products market in recent years, the growth rate of medical equipment industry attention. According to medical equipment industry, 2000-2009 China association for science and technology, China's medical equipment industry compound average annual growth of 28.5%, and on a global scale, compound annual growth rate is only 8%. The "rapid development of medical equipment industry, due to the expansion of consumption group and policy support." Secco research center, analysts say. 
Although our country has developed the world's leading medical products output, but on the whole, tend to mid-range. In 2010, the high-end products on the market of medical equipment accounted for more than 25%, accounting for more than 75% of the low-end products. The international medical device market share of high-end products average is in commonly 55%, mid-range products accounted for 45%. "This shows that China's medical equipment market, low technical content of products." Secco research center, analysts say. 
Demand structure, our medical device market is similar to "pyramid" shape, constitute a broad "KFC" small and small and medium-sized hospital, medical apparatus and instruments and mid-range main demand, for a large hospital, the top part of the small number, but to occupy the top medical resources. As China's medical equipment industry across the country to form the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta and the bohai rim region three big medical equipment the development of industrial clusters. According to incomplete statistics, medical apparatus and instruments in these areas total gross value of industrial output and sales accounts for the total amount of more than 80%. 
Several aspects of the investment opportunity 
Analysts believe that the present situation of China's medical equipment industry determines the characteristics of their challenges and opportunities, in the future market potential and more investment opportunities in the field of has been revealed. Family research center, is expected to "twelfth five-year" period, China's new medical equipment worth 200 billion yuan. Leading enterprises of large medical equipment is expected to be practical and policy support, on August 10, production value RMB 500 million yuan will benefit of large medical equipment industry group. Policy and good potential demand of the market, is all sorts of private capital provides good investment opportunities. 
From the trend of the industry development and the corresponding investment opportunities, how to innovate, to become the domestic medical equipment industry breakthrough the bottleneck of key points. Since 2011, has been in the medical device industry dozens of venture capital/private equity investment (VC/PE) the introduction of foreign advanced science and technology, product research and development of investment and management. Among them, as the operation of the medical devices industry industry, medical diagnosis and monitoring equipment to receive even more capital, such as testing instruments and kits, medical imaging equipment, in recent years, the development and manufacturing of the most powerful combination, and so on. 
The price performance ratio of the product and brand construction of elements, such as medical devices will also be to enterprise's development. According to the basic market is becoming more and more widely, the optimized management and cost control, and try to do better do the low-end products, the folk capital investment is also can not ignore as suction flow, such as filters, one of the centrifuge tube and other basic medical equipment field. 
Production of medical equipment shell "according to the cure of planning, medical information in the future will continue to push forward, this will greatly improve the efficiency of medical information processing equipment. At the same time, in the combination of the Internet and medical equipment, will also ease rural health resource allocation problem. Medical information will become the important direction of future medical equipment market, will attract private capital at this station." Secco research center, analysts say.