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Found Apartments Near Leesburg VA For Rent

Found Apartments Near Leesburg VA For Rent

I wanted to move out of my parents home. I had my apartment before but the lease was up and I didn’t prepare myself to move and I ended up moving back in with them. After living there for a few weeks, I started looking for apartments near Leesburg VA for rent.

I got the newspaper and looked at the classified ads to see if there were anything there I would be interested in. I called about a few apartments to find out more information and they were a little too much. That’s when I decided to look online to see if I could find any apartments near Leesburg VA. I found a few different websites that had apartments listed for rent. I was able to narrow my search down and view them by what the monthly rent would be. I wanted to search like that because I couldn’t afford to pay a whole lot for rent. I wanted something cheap. I found several apartments this way that was within my price range. I contacted the landlord so I could see where they were located and look at them in person. I did want something that was close to work and not on the other side of town.

After looking at the apartments I wanted to look at I narrowed my options down to 2 of them. One of them moved in ready and I decided to go with that one because I wanted to move fast. It was also the closest one to work. I was able to get my items and start moving in as soon as I paid the deposit and rent for two months.

I called a few of my friends that have trucks to see if they would be able to help me move. Luckily, they were free that day and were able to help me get moved within just a few hours. I had downsized when I moved back in with my parents because I didn’t have the space to store anything so it was a pretty easy move. I did have to go out and buy a couch and a kitchen table and chairs because these were things I got rid of when I moved previously. I am loving this apartment and living alone again. The commute to work is short and the apartment is nice.