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Four Cities To Visit In The State Of Virginia

Four Cities To Visit In The State Of Virginia

One of the closest states to Washington DC is the state of Virginia. It is a state that has quite a bit of history regarding battles that were fought to end the Revolutionary War. There are reenactments that are done, and places where people believe that the areas are haunted. There are four cities that you should consider visiting if you ever get to Virginia, plus a few tips on how to save money on your trip.

Four Cities To Visit

When you get to Williamsburg, you should see the Governors Palace. It is a beautiful structure. It’s one of those historic homes that you have to see to believe. It is that amazing. Another city to visit is Mount Vernon. It is here that you can see George Washington’s Mount Vernon home. It is a true American house, and once you get a tour, it’s a place that you will want to come back to again. Another city to visit his Richmond and it’s there you can see many battlefields including the Richmond National Battlefield Park and the Malvern Hills battlefield. You can see how the battles were fought, where they were fought, and it is a wonderful place to see. Finally, you can go to Yorktown which is where you can see the American Revolution Museum. It should be one of your final stops as you are getting ready to leave the state of Virginia.

Saving Money On Your Vacation

Saving the most money depends on who is coming with you, where you want to stay, and how long you will be there. Travel websites offer great deals, and if you are flying in, you can save even more. The cost of a flight will depend on where you are coming from. Look at the different hotels that are included in the wide variety of packages that you will find. It’s all about looking for the best places that you can visit, and then get special deals that are offered.

Even if you’ve never done a vacation in Virginia before, now you know where to go. It’s always going to have something unique that you will want to see. Book your vacation today and get ready to discover why so many people come back to this Eastern state that most people enjoy every time.