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Lynchburg Getting New Apartment Complex

Lynchburg, VA – Lynchburg will be getting a brand new apartment complex soon enough in an area you’ve probably never thought of. Construction has not started just yet, but it will this summer.

The brand new apartment complex will go behind the Kirkley Hotel in the parking lot. Owner Peter Greenberg says it will renew and refresh the area. His background is in the hotel business. In fact, he owns the Kirkley Hotel. But Greenberg’s setting his sights now on apartments.

"It’s something we’ve been working on for a long time," said Greenberg.

And he’s planning to build just feet away from the Kirkley Hotel. The project will have 153 apartment units, standing three-four stories high, with a youthful, contemporary vibe to pull in both students and families.

"They should provide a good, wholesome housing environment for the people who choose to live there," said Greenberg.

"It’s a good place to have apartments," said Andy Sale, Lynchburg planning commission, chair.

Andy Sale is the chair of Lynchburg’s Planning Commission. His commission along with City Council gave the apartment complex a unanimous stamp of approval. For Sale, the project is smart use of Lynchburg’s land.

"His design was very pleasing to the site, and I think will be very marketable quite frankly," said Greenberg.

Greenberg and his team have a lot of work ahead of them with the apartments. But, they haven’t forgotten about the hotel. The plan is to give the Kirkley’s exterior a facelift with new landscaping, lighting and revamped parking, sprucing up all eight acres. But, when it comes to the apartments there’s one decision Greenberg hasn’t made just yet.

"Got a name picked out?" we asked.

"I don’t," said Greenberg. "I don’t have a name yet."

Because we’re going to have more people living in this area, the owner is putting in a brand new bus stop and sidewalks. And, if it all continues on schedule, leasing will start next spring and we can have people living back there by the summer of 2014.

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