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Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Property transfers

Amherst County

Deeds recorded:

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Lofton Leasing LLC to JS Cside LLC. Lot 8, section 1, Stratford Place, $243,137

Lofton Leasing LLC to JS Cside LLC. Lot 9, section 1, Stratford Place, $243,137

Lofton Leasing LLC to JS Cside LLC. Lot 16, phase 1, Elon Forest, $281,644

Lofton Leasing LLC to JS Cside LLC. Lot 13, phase 1, Elon Forest, $295,272

Lofton Leasing LLC to JS Cside LLC. Lot 30, phase 1, Elon Forest, $280,469

Linda Hall White to Samuel Ferguson and Joan Dodd Saunders. Parcel, Va. 666, 0.56 acres, $800.00

Appomattox County

Deeds recorded:

Aaron D. Humphrey and James Humphrey to Jonathan and Linda B. Arnold. Lot 56, Country Haven Estates, section 3, Stonewall District, $49,000

Carson Farms Incorporated and Burruss Conner Properties LLC to Matthew J. and Melissa S. Bailey. Parcel, 123.13 acres, Va. 661, Stonewall District, $225,000

Ernest D. and Joyce D. Sims to Wade J. and Lisa J. Baumgartner. Lot 2, Va. 632, Cloverhill District, $165,000

Samuel E. Inge to Country Oaks Land & Timber LLC. 190 North Fork Lane and parcel 2, 24.945 acres, Va. 618 and parcel 3, tract “A”, 2.522 acres, Cloverhill District, $240,000

Bedford County

Deeds recorded:

John G. Overstreet to Tony G. Ferguson. Tracts 1, 2, 3, and 5, 168.524 acres, Lakes District, $634,552

Dorothy H. Agee to Christopher T. and Tonya K. Haupt. Lot 5 and 6, Spring Brook, Blue Ridge District, $232,000

George G. and Michelle M. Chapman to Luke I. Gerig and Megan E. Ford. Parcel, 15 acres, Va. 731, Lakes District, $200,000

Alice H. and James E. Craft Jr. to James P. Craft and Paige E. Russell. Lot 1, block 3, section 2, Cascade Forest, Blue Ridge District, $180,000

Charles C. and Victoria J. Crockett to Jerry E. and Ashley D. Steele. Lot 3, block 1, section 1, Parkway Estates, Blue Ridge District, $161,750

Karen S. Neel to Timothy Blair Huffman. Parcel, Va. 755, 0.6928 acres, Blue Ridge District, $135,000

Jon A. Zuckerman, Michael A. Mercier and Wing Yee Winnie Pang Mercier to John Schmitt and Lisa Schmitt. Parcel 3 and 4, 34.106 acres, Lakes District, $130,000

Larry E. and Melvina J. Davies to John R. and Judy S. Manley. Unit 4, building 23, phase 16, Jefferson Villas at Forest, $244,000

Morris E. Byram Jr. and Valerie R. Byram, co-trustees to Joshua D. and Lori C. Ranes. Lot 7, section 2, Yukon Subdivision, Jefferson District, $285,000

Tri-County Properties LLC to Johnnie Vaughn. Tract 9, 38.27 acres, subdivision of the property of Tri-County Properties, Jefferson District, $54,247.73

Kenneth C. Horne, Jean K. Horne and Marian K. Buchanan to Joseph T. and Frances M. Crouch. Parcel, 63 acres, six miles south of Big Island, Peaks District, $145,000

Nan Brunson Carmack and Todd Kenneth Crytser to Christian Todd and Joy S. Barbar. New lot 5, 4.095 acres, $317,000

Campbell County

Deeds recorded:

Lucille Morris Vaughan to Kenneth R. and Jamie H. Kirby. Parcel 2B, 14.89 acres, $74,000

Janet C. Nash to Dennis W. and Carrie E. Nash. Revised parcel 3R, 6.39 acres, Patrick Henry District, $142,000

W.H. Overby Jr. to Roger F. and Connie S. Walton. Parcel, 9.10th acres, Va. 663, $95,000

Mary S. Unrue to Marshall M. Preston Jr. Parcel, 1,737 acres, Flat Creek District, $150,000

Kyle A. Schaffner to Cassidy B. Williams. Lot 106, phase 2, Braxton Park, $140,000

Mark W. Marston to James E. Overstreet and Crystal C. Calkin. Lot 5, section 1, Kings Grant Subdivision, $89,900

Jason L. and Cara M. Umberger to Shawn R. and Sophie M. Lovell. Lot 40, Leesville Road Estates, phase I, $243,000

Judy Bates and Dennis O’Neal Hockett Jr. to William T. Burton. Parcel, Va. 606, 1.76 acres, $190,000

LeRoy M. and Judith A. Underwood to Chad and Rebecca Nelson. Lot 18, section 4, Wildwood, $202,900

City of Lynchburg

Deeds recorded:

SCR LLC to Emma Spengler. Lot 2, block 1, section 3, Boonsboro Forest Subdivision, $199,900

Jeffrey L. Shirey to Rocco Nagy. Lot 8, block 5, Royal Heights Subdivision, $23,000

Richard P. Cunningham to Robert E. Lavender. Lots 46-48, John C. Poston Tract, $105,000

Carol W. Adams to Brent A. and Karen L. Holland. Lot 29, block 2, Central Park Addition, $65,000

Dawna R. Stinson to Christi Ruth Stalcup. Lot C, block 10, Sunset Heights Subdivision, $119,000

Julio L. Uchimura and Mary J. Stewart to Robert Smith III. 809, 811, 813, 815, 817 Rivermont Ave., $7,500

Patricia Godden to Barbara A. Newsome. Parcel, fronting Park Place, $94,900

Candlewood LLC to Mary J. Hurd. Lot 46, Candlewood Court Villas Subdivision, $200,000

R &B Associates of Lynchburg LLC to 404 Holdings LLC. Part of lot 14, Dearington Subdivision, $110,000

Adrian B. and Murrell W. Thornhill IV to Andy Y. and Hilary L. Tso. Lot 12, section IV, Sheffield Subdivision, $140,000

Joshua Ranes to Dawna R. Stinson. Building 7, unit 2, East Ridge Condominium, $113,000

RKL Mortgage Corporation-VA to Charles Starks. Lot 116, Oakley Addition, $13,500

Bonnie L. Peters, Christopher Ross Peters and Jennifer Lee Peters to Gregory E. Troyer and Robyn E. Troyer. Lot 17, block 2, section C, Sandusky Acres Subdivision, $165,000

Building permits

Bedford County

Tommy Jones, Blue Ridge District, pool, $9,400

Steven Fulton, Blue Ridge District, retaining wall, $5,000

Chris Stump, Blue Ridge District, alteration, $3,000

Bogdan Fundakowski, Blue Ridge District, alteration, $2,000

Crown Castle, Center District, tower antenna, $115,650

Scott Murphy, Center District, pool, $31,000

Douglas Hooks, Center District, new dwelling, $277,000

Madge Robinson, Center District, new dwelling, $130,000

Robert Hyssong, Jefferson District, addition, $48,000

D.S. Zechini Construction Inc., Jefferson District, new dwelling, $225,000

Mountain View united Methodist Church, Jefferson District, sign, $30,000

Matthew Shafron, Jefferson District, pool, $35,000

Doris Bowling, Jefferson District, addition, $3,700

Frank Good Building Contractor Inc., Jefferson District, new dwelling, $435,000

William Hughes, Jefferson District, addition, $35,000

Maurizio Cucci, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $200,000

Poplar Forest Center LLC, Jefferson District, sign, $2,600

Drew Evans, Jefferson District, retaining wall, $1,000

R & P Ivy Hill LLC, Jefferson District, addition, $150,000

McDonald Corporation, Jefferson District, commercial alteration, $400,000

Foxcrest Developers Inc., Jefferson District, new dwelling, $250,000

Andrew Moore, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $250,000

Thomas Kollmann, Jefferson District, alteration, $10,000

Lake Manor Developers, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $300,000

Cottontown Investments LLC, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $200,000

Cottontown Investments LLC, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $200,000

Thomas Builders of Virginia, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $300,000

Thomas Builders of Virginia, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $200,000

Lake Manor Developers, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $325,000

Jeffrey Horning, Jefferson District, garage, $30,000

Boyce Allen, Jefferson District, garage, $10,000

Straight Up Improvements LLC, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $200,000

James Hamilton, Jefferson District, new dwelling, $355,000

Foster Builder Inc., Jefferson District, new dwelling, $200,000

Robert Bailey, Lakes District, new dwelling, $320,000

Wayne Daniels, Lakes District, garage, $15,000

Edward Spencer, Lakes District, addition, $20,000

Jayson Thoemke, Lakes District, garage, $50,000

Jayson Thoemke, Lakes District, retaining wall, $10,000

Mackay Harbor Village LLC, Lakes District, addition, $290,000

Andrew Gardner, Lakes District, retaining wall, $8,000

John E. Lane III, Lakes District, alteration, $55,000

Halesford Harbour LLC, Lakes District, sign, $8,000

Adrian Wilson, Lakes District, miscellaneous/other, $5,000

River Park Holdings LLC, Lakes District, alteration, $60,000

Jack Prayto, Lakes District, boathouse/dock, $50,000

Marlyse Whitaker, Peaks District, addition, $15,000

Douglas Reid, Peaks District, new dwelling, $380,000

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